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Re: new locale HOWTO


Igor Plyatov a écrit :
Hello Jean-Pierre!

Can you, please explain, how to add support for a new locale to the KiCad sources? For example, at r768, I add a simplified chinese translation (kindly provided by George Han) to the KiCad SVN tree.

I had uploaded a new file :How_to_translate_GUI.sxw
It explains how to translate kicad GUI with poedit, and also (if wanted) how to modify kicad code to add a new entry in the language list selection. The code does not really need changes. These changes are usefull when we want a new entry (usefull for testing purpose). The default language option is: load the dictionnary corresponding to the linux or window country version. So if you are currently working with a chinese version you need no changes ...
Texts in schematic or on a board still must be in basic ascii format (restricted to the 0x20 .. 0x7F ascii values for chars).


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