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Re: AUI support


Hello. Thanks for advices.
I understand that the focus is not about GUI look but how the GUI and 
the code is written.

I share genral opinion that SDI is simpler than MDI, and I don't want 
to change it. However, wxAUI support could be the starting point for 
internal frames, such as snapping panels, toolbars, command line and 
look and feel customization. I also understand this is not an easy 
task. The question is: at actual status, is it really needed? Or 
others improvements are more important? I think (this is no more than 
my very humble opinion) a better look and feel could help new users 
to move to Kicad.

For what is about menus, my opinion is still not changed. I'm talking 
to one of the main developers, and this should be enought to make me 
silent. However, let me explain something.
For programs witch looks standard, like kicad (standard behavoir, 
usual menus, toolbars), the first user expects to find every common 
command also on menus. I agree that a Draw menu with each drawing 
command is not necessary, but I don't understand why 
undo/redo/save/print and similar commands are both in menus and 
toolbars, but there is not New into File menu, cut/copy/paste into 
edit, and something similar. This looks incomplete (for me).
Last message I referred to Blender to make an opposite example. This 
is not standard, in other words, when you open it, you 
understand: "Hello. I'm not standard, and you need time to learn how 
to draw. But this improves your drawing speed and possibilities.". 
Actually there is not this galvanic separation between standard and 
non standard application. The same problem will be only moved to 
future. If extended menus are not needed, the code will be only for 
personal use.

I hope to do something useful, and I know this could be a very long 
operation. As soon as there is something working, I'll post a new 


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