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Re: Re: AUI support


jean-pierre charras escreveu:
I fully agree with Wayne.
Kicad code must be cleaned and enhanced

Most big programs go though several cicles of Clean and Enhance. Doing both at the same time is usualy messy ;-)

flm_mail escreveu:
I share genral opinion that SDI is simpler than MDI

IMHO they are better, for Kicad, not for everything. I particularly like having each schema and pcb open in different windows. As for smaller windows, they could of course be included in those...

, and I don't want
to change it. However, wxAUI support could be the starting point for
internal frames, such as snapping panels, toolbars, command line and
look and feel customization.

Usually this is the other way around: first make the program completly independent of the Menu/Toolbar/Macro structure and then change the UI.

[...] the first user expects to find every common
command also on menus.

Kicad's interface is so easy and integrated with the job that it becomes less important. Improving help tips and the like can be even more usefull.

OTOH, there are some things to *for me* are far more important, like undo in FreePCB... ... ...