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Errors when building kicad in Visual Studio 2005


hi to all

I'm trying to develop kicad with Visual Studio 2005.
I follow the notes on the file how-to-build-for-windows.txt and I made all without errors ( I think.... )

the last command that I give in the MSYS window was:

$ cmake .

-- Check for installed OpenGL -- found
-- Check for installed Boost -- found
-- Found wxWidgets: TRUE
-- Check for installed wxWidgets -- found
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: C:/msys/1.0/home/leo/kicad/Build/Debug

But, in the end, when I open the visual studio project and I try to build, Visual studio tell me that don't find the wx include files.

when building I have the error:

fatal error C1083: Impossible open the filre 'wx/wxprec.h':

and other warnings but of minor importance... for now.

additional information:

I download wxwidget 2.8.7, and I had builded the library with success.

I configure all for visual studio 2008 using CMakeSetup.exe:
when I push button "configure" at the end, after changing various path that gave me error, like boost, wxwidget, multithreading variabiles ( I change CMAKE_XX_FLAGS.. options MD into MT ) no errors was show and I can click on button "OK" to leave the application.

There is a tutorial that explain how to start developing kicad on visual studio 2005?