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EEScheme Value position


I posted a Test.sh shar script containing a EEscheme
test schematic, pro, lib and net file . The Test.sch file 
contains an instance:

L R R3
U 1 1 00000000
P 3400 3400
F 0 "R3" H 3600 3400 90 0000 L T
F 1 "30K" H 3600 3500 90 0000 L T
X 1 3400 3400
X 1 0 0 -1

Yet the schematic display shows 30K on Top of R3
R3 @(3600, 3300) Left Top
30K @(3600, 3400) Left Top

What's going on?

Also the net file does not show the GND in the net part
of the file. Pcbnew must use the component part of the
Netlist file since the footprint info is there. The nets 
part of the file is probably redundant info that is not


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