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Re: Dialog layout updates.


Hello Wayne!

> I wanted to get some feedback from the Kicad developers about giving
> the dialog layouts some much needed updates.

Please, add the drop down list "Position ordering type" to the 
"Annotate" dialog.
When user select some type of ordering, then appropriate picture can be 
shown in dialog.
I make an attach with some pictures (if you like it) which you can use 
for the "Annotate" dialog.

> I also want to create a developer preferred practices guideline
> similar to the Linux kernel CodingStyle document. 
> I will sent this to Jean-Pierre and some of the major
> contributors for input before adding it to SVN when I have completed it.
I think better to use wiki at kicad.sourceforge.net for this purpose.

> One last item. I personally am not the biggest fan of CMake.

I think it is bad idea to have and support more than one build system.
If such a big project as KDE was happy with CMake, then it will be 
enough for our purposes.
Better to polish one build system, then make many dirty...

For me it is very interesting is old makefiles are used by somebody for 

Igor Plyatov
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