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Re: My patches to 3d-viewer (request 1892773 + patch 1905661)


Hi everyone,

Am Montag 03 März 2008 19:52:39 schrieb Igor Plyatov:
> Can you please explain you plans?
> Do you want to be a developer for KiCad project or only close the
> tracker item?

Let me introduce myself (sorry, I haven't done that so far): I am Jonas from 
Germany (GMT+1). I am using KiCAD on an occasional basis.

I would like to contribute to KiCAD, but I cannot make any promises on how 
much time and effort I will be able to commit (I can only work on this in my 
rare spare time). So for now, it is OK for me to not have svn write access.

I will start with minor fixes and improvements for now (e. g. standardizing 
the default libraries, if you are interested). I could also help with German 
translations if there is no one else on it (haven't checked). Asking for 
sf.net access was mainly to be able to use the trackers, but I'm also fine 
with just using the mailinglist.

> The tracker item 1892773 was closed by me.

Good, thanks. Can you do the same with item 1905661 (the patch regarding 
rotation tools)?

Best regards


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