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Re: EESchema XOR-Artifacts


Jonas Diemer wrote:
So, are there any opinions on this already? Basically, it boils down to these two options:

1) Keep the current code, which is probably faster, but leaves ugly artifacts.

2) Apply my patch to svn, which yields to a clean(er) appearance of eeschema, but may be potentially slower.

Again, it would be interesting how performance looks on a slow machine. On my PC, I could not notice much of a slowdown.

Best regards

3) Make changes to the code so it uses the new PostDirtyRect() rather than subverting an existing function. This is what we have done in pcbnew, and I think the same function would work in eeschema if you can calculate a proper bounding box.

So really, there are 3 options, and I would think that if the third technique is fast enough for pcbnew, then it would be more than fast enough for eeschema, since those drawing routines are lighter weight.

That is my opinion, I prefer 3).


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