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Re: EESchema XOR-Artifacts


Am Mittwoch 12 März 2008 23:58:09 schrieb Dick Hollenbeck:
> 3) Make changes to the code so it uses the new PostDirtyRect() rather
> than subverting an existing function.  This is what we have done in
> pcbnew, and I think the same function would work in eeschema if you can
> calculate a proper bounding box.

True, I did not mention that option (see below). Actually, even the 
panel->refresh() function optionally takes a dirty rect. A PostDirtyRect() 
function is currently not available in eeschema, so I am not subverting 

Irrespective of that, calculating the bounding box is a more difficult part, 
at least compared to the current patch (which is a few lines only). The 
current structs in eeschema do not have the corresponding properties, and the 
elements drawn can be fairly complex (hierarchical components)...

I don't know when I will have time to look at improving the performance of my 
patch. Until then, do you think the current patch should stay out (leaving 
eeschema _plain ugly_) or get in (with possible future improvements)?


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