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RE: How to compile with Python support?


Hi Florian,Dick,

Here is an interesting thread :

Well, like you will find on internet, you can sure find the opposite idea

Florian, when you do the binding with pyste you need to modify the C++ code of
If yes, perhaps it could be interesting to take a look how evolved SWIG because,
from what I remembered, doing the SWIG wrapper didn’t required from me to modify
the C++ code.
On this big project , I had the C++ code and I couldn’t modify, just adapt my
SWIG .i code to make the binding.
So I created a directory with my .i file and added a “make wrapper” to the
Good point also with swig is the ability to map a C++ object to python one like
C++ vector to python list etc…(with some work  )
On my project, I had all C++ things, template metaprogramming etc… and I was
able to support all C++ functions.

I’m not telling you to change, I just give you the information from what was my
experience with SWIG.
Bad points where:
-	Hard to learn at the beginning (but when you know how to do a thing it becomes
quite easy)
-	Hard to find info in the docs.
-	.i files are nearly a copy of .h files (but who cares, .h files evolves? Just
copy the added methods in .i files)
-	A new dependency for the project…


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