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Re: Re: to: Dick Hollenbeck [Specctra dsn export] +


You know my answers already:

1) Edges Pcb layer is intended to give the boundary of the board, not for keepouts. Kicad understands this and so does the export.

2) Even my written instructions say that if your edges pcb layer is too cute, and not contiguous, the export will not be correct.

3) There is no notion of keepouts in kicad.

4) Anything can be added if the source code is available, and it is.

Now if the question is, "will you, Dick, add this enhancement for free, at no cost?", then my answer is no. I have no need for it. Can I be hired to do it? Yes.

Keepouts would be a decent feature for Kicad. However, it looks like now I will be doing all my routing in freerouter. Therefore on the re-import of the session file, I have no need to preserve these keepouts because at that point the board is basically done, the tracks are laid.

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P.S. What about 'routing keepouts areas/lines' =) ?

Sorry, I do not understand your question. Please rephrase and
elaborate your question.

The question is about 'keepout areas'. Using Specctra one can draw
routing keepout area. Using Kicad there is no such a layer or tool as
I know. Using Kicad internal autorouter I can draw "edges pcb" line to
emulate routing fences. It works and tested.

Export to .dsn format does a bad job for such edges =)
Upper: freerouting.net (i've got no specctra there for now) - we see
strange shape instead of vertical line like in
Down: Kicad screenshot with vertical line.

In Kicad .brd file has:
Po 0 4000 0 4000 5000 150
Po 0 0 2500 0 0 150 *
Po 0 0 5000 0 2500 150 *
Po 0 10000 5000 0 5000 150
Po 0 10000 0 10000 5000 150
Po 0 0 0 10000 0 150
*Note: I've placed (0 2500) poin (center of the left vertical line) to
make a Segments in .dsn file instead of Rectangle

In specctra we have (use 1:10 scale and y'=-y):
1. Pure rectangle + (0,250) point (path pcb 0 0 0 0 -250 0 -500 1000 -500 1000 0)
2. +vertical line (400,0)-(400,-500)
(path pcb 0 400 0 0 -250 0 0 1000 0 1000 -500 0 -500)
And the screen shot from freerouting.net shows the same...

Conclusion: Is it possible to add 'routing fences' layer because this
way seems totally bad....

P.S. source files: http://rapidshare.com/files/99164325/outlines.tar.html

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