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Re: Re: EESchema XOR-Artifacts



In describing this problem, please assume for a moment that you are the only one experiencing this, and that we have no idea about this problem. Then provide sufficient detail on how to reproduce the problem, including exact keystrokes, a description of the operating system and version of wxWidgets, and maybe even provide *.brd file and a *.jpg snapshot of the screen to explain what you are talking about. Maybe even explain how the pcbnew was built.

Because, I am not experiencing it (at least not aware of it) and I am on Ubuntu Gutsy using standard Ubuntu pre-built packages of wxWidgets at version 2.8.4.



I see artifacts now in plain ole screen refreshes..svn rev 900 and
there is color mixing and colinear line cancelation. Complete screen
paints (refresh) should not use XOR and the current working layer
should be on top (drawn last).

Oops, I need to add in pcbnew that is!

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