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Re: Build/install issues for 20080313-r890


> > 3) I understand the sense behind splitting the source into 3 separate
> > tarballs but having kicad-doc and kicad-library extract into similarly
> > named directories is a real pain for packagers. Could it be changed so
> > that all tarballs extract to the directory "kicad"?

It's my current intention (for Debian packaging) to have the 3 sets of
source unpacked at the same level, and named kicad, kicad-doc &
kicad-library. You can't extract the files into the same dir because
the cmake files at the root of each would clash.

I haven't previously used the pre-packaged source because it was
extracted on windows, but I should probably do that now there are
proper versions available on SF when making proper binary releases.
I'm just downloading one of them and it appears they match what I've
mentioned above, which is nice for me.