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Build/install issues for 20080313-r890



I have been packaging 20080313-r890 on Archlinux and have come across
a number of issues:

1) The master makefile still expects "help" at the top-level of the
source tree although it now resides under "doc" in kicad-doc. This
requires relocation of the help directory after extraction (also see
3, later).

2) The "help" makefile installs to $PREFIX/share/doc/kicad instead of
$PREFIX/share/doc/kicad/help. This results in the various programs not
being able to find their help files.

3) I understand the sense behind splitting the source into 3 separate
tarballs but having kicad-doc and kicad-library extract into similarly
named directories is a real pain for packagers. Could it be changed so
that all tarballs extract to the directory "kicad"?

- Neil Darlow

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