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XML import to pcbnew


I started a new project XML4PCB

There is a XML pretty printer and a parser using expat which
reads in an PCB123.com export and generates a pcbnew brd file.

PCB123.com version 2 has added a save BoardTemplate which includes
the complete layout in a XML format. (That is except for Inner1 layer
GROUND plane connections.) I have included a small and medium 
complexity pretty printed files and brd outputs in an examples 
directory, as mentioned in the README. The parser works pretty well
for only a couple days work, although I not proud of the all the 
strcmp to pickup Element Attributes, but it works for now. Expat, 
also on SF.net, could probably help out more here with callbacks.

I have noticed PCBnew in debug mode echoes a XML like output for

I was unable to find any XML-DTD file or description but the examples
are pretty easy to follow. There was alot of XML for EDA activity
circa 2000 but I not sure there are any standards out there.

I'm not proposing any great change from what has been developed,
just another possible import method (already added to FAQ) and

just FYI (For Your Information, Dick)

Frank Bennett

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