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Re: Re: Problem with nets in tracks


Renie wrote:
A guess only:

Maybe the end points of the tracks are not exactly touching the
of the pads?

If not, then what you describe can happen.

Hi Dick,

Don't is these case.

You can get any board with nothing DRC error, move all modules (don't
drag the tracks), get higlight net tool, click in any pad, all pads
and track continue in the net correct, all have highlight.

If you get my teste.brd, open in text editor, remove all components
description, save, open in PcbNew, now, is only tracks and all have
your nets correct.



No. I just looked at your board file. It is as I guessed, your tracks do not go to the center of the pads. To verify this, you can either

1) run the DRC and select "Find Unconnected Pads" and it will show many tracks and pad combinations which are not connected.

2) Just look at the board and tell by visual inspection that the tracks do not go to the center of the pads.

3) Click on the General Ratsnest Button one time. It is code called by this action which then immediately sets the disconnected tracks to netcode of zero, meaning they are dis-connected. Thereafter, using your "highlight" test fails.

I am sure this is the problem.


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