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Re: Problem with nets in tracks


> Renie,
> No. I just looked at your board file. It is as I guessed, your 
> do not go to the center of the pads. To verify this, you can 
> 1) run the DRC and select "Find Unconnected Pads" and it will show 
> tracks and pad combinations which are not connected. 
> 2) Just look at the board and tell by visual inspection that the 
> do not go to the center of the pads.
> 3) Click on the General Ratsnest Button one time. It is code 
called by 
> this action which then immediately sets the disconnected tracks to 
> netcode of zero, meaning they are dis-connected. Thereafter, 
> your "highlight" test fails.
> I am sure this is the problem.
> Dick


I am sure this don't is the problem.

I put another board in file section of group, RS232teste.brd, the
original file not contain error,in this file I moved some modules,
saved e open again, same with pads and tracks not match, the tracks
keep your nets.

The problem is other that I don't get see.

Another idea?


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