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Re: Re: XML import to pcbnew



I have checked in a better svn version for project XML4PCB
with a better layer assignments, $GENERAL, $SETUP and pin nets but I don't get any ratsnet or any network in the dsn export. Could you take a quick look to see what I am missing in the brd
file...examples/txpr.brd is a partially routed, simple example.

Are you putting the Nets into the *.brd file? This is "class EQUIPOT", which lists all the nets by name and netcode. There should be a block of these in your *.brd file, one for each net. This list establishes an association table between a numeric "netcode" (a positive number > 0) and each net's name. Netcode 0 is reserved for a disconnected entity (track, pad, via).

EQUIPOTs to do this:

Netname Netcode
------------- -------------

Then each entity only has to include the numeric netcode.

See line 38 of pcbnew/class_track.h for example.

You can use a counter to assign netcodes, but start at 1, not zero.

I also would propose we add a Net Name tag to the $TRACK
specification...should be backward compatible, might help simplify the ratsnet code and enable an export netlist from pcbnew.

See above.


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