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Re: SVN snapshots


Milan Horák wrote:
In future I intend to automatize all of these and let it work alone. I hope I'll soon figure out, how to croscompile for Windows on Linux machine, to be able to make it all by meas of bash script.

MinGW has a Linux port available, in addition to the Windows version: <http://www.mingw.org/>

And about bash script; can anyone please help me with it? I need to test every operation's exit code and progress script according to this exit code. There must be the way, but I don't see it :-(

$? will get you the return code of the last command that was executed.. I'd encapsulate the check into a function, then call that function from elsewhere in the script.

For parsing the output of e.g. make or gcc, grep, sed, awk, cut, head and tail are your friends :)

Can you be a bit more specific about what exactly you want the script to do, e.g. sample input/output?

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