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Re: Latest SVN creates unusual directorys in windows


Hello David!

Please be patient if you use the SVN versions.
It should contain a lot of bugs :-)

I've just downloaded the latest snapshot (kicad-20080324-

It creates a separate bin and share directory as well as duplicates of
the demo and internat directories.

It doesn't duplicate. The location of "internat" and other folders was changed.
You bug reports is very useful for us.

You must remove old version of KiCad before the fresh install.

This means the windows executables have to be moved manually into the
winexe directory so as to avoid duplicates.
Has this release been created with a linux script?
Please adjust the script so that it preserves the structure used in a
windows installation.


At this time exists a bug with "internat" folder for Win32 (KiCad interface was not translated). It must be moved to the old location by hands. But I will try to eliminate this problem and in ideal case, 'internat' must be relocated to the 'share/locale/{LANG}/LC_MESSAGES'.