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Re: Re: Cross compiling from linux to windows


Magnus Beischer wrote:
Hi Milan,
Do you need to recompile wxWidgets every time you compile Kicad? My
guess is that you can get the win wxWidgets binaries or libs from me
or someone else that can compile under windows.
// Magnus

--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Milan Horák <stranger@...> wrote:

Hi Dick,

yes I've seen it. And I'm able to compile exe files under Linux. The problem is that I need some way to compile wxWidgets for Windows under Linux too, so I can include these into Kicad binaries.
That is the thing I need to solve. And I don't know where or how to

If I am reading Magnus correctly, I think what he is saying is that you would only need to link to all the dependent libraries, not actually build them on linux. So you could simply copy the pre-built libraries into your linux environment, and use the CMake script to compile the Kicad code and do the linking there. And if you were clever and ambitious, and you have a dual boot machine, then perhaps you can simply point to your windows libraries from linux by putting in a library path someplace. This last step, if it is more difficult than writing a script to copy the files, may be overkill.

Ideally you would match the version of the compilers used to compile your libraries on windows and the version of the cross compiling mingw on linux, or at least get those versions very close. You can also try and persuade any of the library developers to provide a CMake script for you, or find one that already exists. That way maybe those libraries could then be cross compiled on linux too.

Some options.