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Re: Flat mult-page OrCad export, import EEschema


Frank Bennett a écrit :

Flat multi-Page - another opportunity for future enhancement

I took a stab at converting a flat multi-page OrCad EDIF export
and the latest checked in Edif2Kicad svn files will produce multi-page
(.sch) outputs. However I'm not sure this is that helpful since KiCad
doesn't support a flat multi-page schematic. KiCad has this one page,
one sheet per project mentality... .Even to view each page the POWER.sch
file seems to need a corresponding POWER.pro file:
cp POWER.pro CPU.pro
cp POWER.pro PC_45_104.pro
cp POWER.pro USB.pro
then you would still have separate netlists for each page.

I played with trying to create a root page, hierarchical
schematic but when I tried to rename the an inserted sheet
symbol to one of the sch files EEschema died.

Are you using a very recent eeschema version from svn ?
If EEschema crashes when renaming a sheet or a sheet file this is a bug
(But i tested it and it works for me, so you could send me your files and explain exactly what you do to create crashing).

But then creating a
hierarchical schematic would require adding ports to each sheet
symbol and wiring up the top level schematic.

Eeschema now knows true global labels, so using them avoid adding ports and wiring in the top level sheet.
Only the top level sheet must be associated to a .pro file.

One can consider now Flat multi-Page schematics are handled by eeschema using this way

- create a main sheet and as many subsheets you want
- No components and no wiring in the root sheet and and no ports in subsheet symbols. - use global label to connect signals in subsheets insteed of hierarckical labels - the main (root) sheet is equivalent to a list of sheets to link in orcad. and allows a fast navigation in others sheets in the "flat" multipage.

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