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Re: Flat mult-page OrCad export, import EEschema


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, jean-pierre charras - INPG
<jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> Frank Bennett a �crit :
> >
> > Flat multi-Page - another opportunity for future enhancement
> >
> > I took a stab at converting a flat multi-page OrCad EDIF export
> > and the latest checked in Edif2Kicad svn files will produce multi-page
> > (.sch) outputs. However I'm not sure this is that helpful since KiCad
> > doesn't support a flat multi-page schematic. KiCad has this one page,
> > one sheet per project mentality... .Even to view each page the
> > file seems to need a corresponding POWER.pro file:
> > cp POWER.pro CPU.pro
> > cp POWER.pro PC_45_104.pro
> > cp POWER.pro USB.pro
> > then you would still have separate netlists for each page.
> >
> > I played with trying to create a root page, hierarchical
> > schematic but when I tried to rename the an inserted sheet
> > symbol to one of the sch files EEschema died.
> >
> Are you using a very recent eeschema version from svn ?
> If EEschema crashes when renaming a sheet or a sheet file this is a bug
> (But i tested it and it works for me, so you could send me your files 
> and explain exactly what you do to create crashing).

I'm using the latest:
< svn log |head
r932 | dickelbeck | 2008-03-25 10:20:07 -0600 (Tue, 25 Mar 2008) | 1 line

right static box resizes vertically
r931 | charras | 2008-03-24 14:54:45 -0600 (Mon, 24 Mar 2008) | 1 line

For each sheet.sch file I currently generate a sheet.pro. I
copied BOARD.pro to top.pro, opened project top.pro inorder
to have the proper library list. I see kicad generates an empty
top.brd but not a top.sch, so to produce a top.sch I opened BOARD.sch,
new schematic, added a sheet and tried to rename the file but it
didn't crash or take. I had to save and exit. When I got back in 
top.sch, then I could rename the sheet file name, get the prompt 
and change the file name.
Since kicad no longer shows the eeschema, cvpcb, pcbnew symbols,
it would be nice to generate a empty project_name.sch if it doesn't

> > But then creating a
> > hierarchical schematic would require adding ports to each sheet
> > symbol and wiring up the top level schematic.
> >
> Eeschema now knows true global labels, so using them avoid adding ports 
> and wiring in the top level sheet.
> Only the top level sheet must be associated to a .pro file.
> One can consider now Flat multi-Page schematics are handled by eeschema 
> using this way
> - create a main sheet and as many subsheets you want
> - No components and no wiring in the root sheet and and no ports in 
> subsheet symbols.
> - use global label to connect signals in subsheets insteed of 
> hierarckical labels
> - the main (root) sheet is equivalent to a list of sheets to link in 
> orcad. and allows a fast navigation in others sheets in the "flat" 
> multipage.

Nice feature. I hand edited a top.sch, was able to navigate
into the sheets, and generated a reasonable looking top level 

thanks for all the work producing this awesum tool,
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