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Re: OSX suggestions.


On Mar 31, 2008, at 5:28 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Another missing piece is making the CMake build system work for the
Mac port.

I am surprised at this, really. Has Apple made it hard to compile and
link a program? Or is CMake not available on the Mac?

Just to clear up any confusion:
1) Cmake is available on Mac as on any other platform.
The best (IMO) way to install cmake is "port install cmake".
All Mac users should install MacPorts (www.macports.org), this also makes wxWidgets installable by "port install wxWidgets", as well as thousands of
other pieces of software.

2) Apple uses gcc, so compiling should be equivalent to under Linux.
Linking usually requires some extra steps since Apple has standardized application resource and metadata packaging into "application bundles". I don't know to what degree cmake handles this though. To see the exact differences, just peek at the difference between the
old gtk vs. macosx makefiles in KiCAD.

-> Porting the cmake build to Mac OS X might be easy but it might also be some work, depending on the perfectionist attitude of the developer ;)

~/= Marius

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