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Re: OSX suggestions.


Marius Kintel wrote:
On Mar 30, 2008, at 6:53 PM, emmedics4 wrote:

I've some time to spend on the OSX port of Kicad, someone has a todo list of the work to do ?

The most serious issue, which makes KiCAD not work on Mac, is the previously discussed issues related to invalid use of graphics contexts with wxWidgets-2.8. Earlier, it was possible to revert to wxWidgets-2.6, but this old version is not maintained any longer, and fails to build on Leopard. One alternative which popped up, was to try building the Mac port using X11. In not particularly in favor of this option, but it _might_ prove to be an easier solution to have a build which technically runs on Mac.

To fix this properly (i.e. using the native wxWidgets-2.8), I think KiCAD's drawing code should be reorganized to only redraw when triggered from a paint event. My peeks into this so far indicates that this is mainly an issue with statusbar rendering, as well as redraws while reading a design file. The problems are most visible in the pcbnew app.

Both of these should be easy to fix. I asked in my other response for a commented patch to the msgpanel code. Gutting the pcbnew load of the drawing calls was on my list of things to do anyway.


Another missing piece is making the CMake build system work for the Mac port.

I am surprised at this, really. Has Apple made it hard to compile and link a program? Or is CMake not available on the Mac?


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