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Re: OSX: pcbnew with CORE_GRAPHICS.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
/* Routine pour selectionner le mode de trace */
void GRSetDrawMode( wxDC* DC, int draw_mode )
if( draw_mode & GR_OR )
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxOR );
else if( draw_mode & GR_XOR )
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxXOR );
else if( draw_mode & GR_NXOR )
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxEQUIV );
DC->SetLogicalFunction( wxCOPY );

It looks like GR_AND would fall through to wxCOPY in common/gr_basic.cpp

So unless I am mis-interpreting the code, then

1) You are actually using wcCOPY mode.

2) We should get rid of GR_AND in our headers, and use GR_COPY in its place?


I see now GR_AND is used to tell pcbnew drawing routines to *turn off the highlight color*.

But as stated, it has no effect on the wxWidgets color mixing mode, which will be wxCOPY when the GR_AND flag is used as can be seen by the above function.

GR_AND might be better named something like: GR_NO_HIGH_LIGHT.