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Re: Re: OSX: pcbnew with CORE_GRAPHICS.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
emmedics4 wrote:

It looks like GR_AND would fall through to wxCOPY in common/gr_basic.cpp
So unless I am mis-interpreting the code, then
1) You are actually using wcCOPY mode.
2) We should get rid of GR_AND in our headers, and use GR_COPY in its place?

You are correct, i still not understand why GR_OR doesn't display nothing my principal suppose is about something related to the Alpha Channel or some wxMac bug.

I'm using the SVN version of wxMac and the OSX shipped one and the results are the same.

It might be possible to get to a very functional pcbnew with just the GR_COPY support if we also added the "draw current layer last" support that was discussed here recently. Then to see objects clearest, you would simply select the layer that they are on.

Would we also have to get rid of any GR_XOR mode support too? Please test that as well.


On further investigation there is too much dependency in PCBNEW on the GR_XOR and GR_OR modes. The path of least resistance is for you Mac users to get someone to fix the wxMac for you, i.e. find out what needs to be done to get wxOR mode working. And find out if wxXOR is working or not and make it work if not.

There is way too much code in PCBNEW that depends on this. I just went through it all tonight. Trust me.


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