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Re: Re: OSX: pcbnew with CORE_GRAPHICS.


On Apr 1, 2008, at 11:03 AM, emmedics4 wrote:

I can confirm that wxOR is not supported in wxMAC with CG as confirms dc.cpp:1985
GR_COPY is enough for us now and draws all correctly.
I think that the correct path with CoreGraphics is the Alpha Channel and also this have to
work with GR_COPY.

I have a question (maybe I just don't get it though):
What does really GR_OR do?
In other words: What is the expected result for OR'ing graphics with existing graphics?

As far as I understand, this is pretty much a bogus operation in all cases except 1-bit displays or bitmaps. For colored graphics, it would just OR together whatever data is present, with pretty random results. ..or maybe it is a workaround for missing blend/alpha functionality in some GUI toolkits?

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