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Re: OSX: pcbnew with CORE_GRAPHICS.


> > On further investigation there is too much dependency in PCBNEW on the 
> > GR_XOR and GR_OR modes. The path of least resistance is for you Mac 
> > users to get someone to fix the wxMac for you, i.e. find out what 
> > needs to be done to get wxOR mode working. And find out if wxXOR is 
> > working or not and make it work if not.
I can confirm that wxOR is not supported in wxMAC with CG as confirms dc.cpp:1985
GR_COPY is enough for us now and draws all correctly.
I think that the correct path with CoreGraphics is the Alpha Channel and also this have to 
work with GR_COPY.

> > There is way too much code in PCBNEW that depends on this. I just 
> > went through it all tonight. Trust me.
> Problems in MAC land:
> Will your Macs run Linux?
> Maybe THAT is the path of least resistance.
> Not my problem here on Linux.

I don't miss OOM-Kill + XFree86 at all, trust me.

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