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Re: Fileformats and library


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Remy" <kicadder@...> wrote:
> If a library manager / editor is to be considered, the following
> features can be incorporated (gradually) :
> library browsing, exploring, searching in � official � and in personal
> libraries with criterias, using tags in the files (SMD0805, SMD0201,
> EIA7343-xx, through hole, melf, IPC-xxxx, etc) and some kind of image
> cache (for symbol or the footprint) or contact sheet.
> library browsing, exploring, searching... on the internet, on
> dedicated sites such as kicadlib.org and all the others already
> Able to incorporate component evolutions (for example : new packages).
> Component (symbol, footprint, ...) designing, copying, importing from
> kicad libs or other formats, exporting...
> About schematics and pcb format...another stupid idea : because PC can
> handle more and more datas, I imagine an � all-in-one � project file
> with chapters : schematic, pcb, components, etc. Big, too big? 

The key here is a part numbering system, referencing multiple 
manufactures for second sourcing, manufacturing numbers, their
distributors with shared references to symbols and footprints.
However, users need the option of creating alternate symbols,
such as a DeMorgan equivalent, Military or maybe just to optimize 
the schematic flow, possibly requiring a local library copy.
Many large companies have their own database (MRP) with the advantage
of inventory control and Approved Vendor list, but it's not always
connected to the EDA software to ease schematic/PCB/BOM designs.
> OK, Dick...I'm a dreamer :-) There are not enough programmers on
> planet earth!
> Best regards.
> Remy.
Well, maybe I'm a dreamer as well but it would be nice to have
a web site/service, funded & checked for accuracy by the parts
suppliers, where you pick a part by manufacturing Part#, with
pdf data sheet, place it on the schematic, with footprint infomation
for layout and get a BOM with pricing, distributor part # so 
parts can be procurred while the board is being laid out.

Ema-eda, Cadence, OrCad have started:
to keep you committed as a member of their tool set club.

Nasa has a database of parts but no symbols or footprints:
that Intusoft claims to cross reference using XML:

Frank Frank, Accelerated Designs has a reasonably priced tool:
with a neutral database, a library manager with revision control,
edit symbols/footprints once then export to the PCB design package
of choice. This would be real handy for Consultants that have to
re-design boards across different EDA platforms, adding new parts,
referencing/designing/importing symbols, footprints as their primary
design function. Not sure if Frank Frank would share his database
design, but he mentions the IPC-7351 standard.

I mention this primarily as references for ideas. The world got
into this mess from the history that schematic and PCB layout
packages originated from separate proprietary sources.

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