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Re: GetBoundingBox and redrawing / XOR-Artifacts / Dangling ends


Am Montag 31 März 2008 22:57:55 schrieb Dick Hollenbeck:
> One piece of code that we need to test is the commented out lines in
> eeschema/eeredraw.cpp's
> void RedrawStructList( WinEDA_DrawPanel* panel, wxDC* DC,
>                        EDA_BaseStruct* Structs, int DrawMode, int Color )
> This will put the final cap on the redraw optimization.   It will also
> have the effect of not drawing anything that does not have a proper
> GetBoundingBox() that returns a rectangle that intersects with the dirty
> rectangle.   So it is another way to test that we have all the required
> GetBoundingBox implementations in place.   Because if not, there will be
> parts of the screen that will not get drawn at all with these lines
> uncommented.
> Jonas, it would be great if you could test these lines!

I just tried these lines, they don't seem to work. At first sight, it looks 
like panel->m_ClipBox is too small.


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