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Re: Re: Fileformats and library


2008/4/5 tre4lien <3saints@...>:

> Forgive my intrusion, but is the assumption that the user
> will *always* need to read the manual to figure out how to
> add symbols?
> I would hope that this is one of the core points of the
> exersize - to work towards a day where a user does not need
> to read the manual for something so basic.

Depends what you mean by add a symbol. We aren't just talking about
adding one they have downloaded, we are talking about copying one that
is shipped and modifying it. In this case they need to know something
about the file format, locations of existing files, interaction
between different files defining the complete set of information, etc.
So it's not unreasonable to assume they might need to look at a manual
for some of that.

That said, I don't think many people would need to look at a manual to
understand the concept of a zip file. Suggesting people might not
understand that (and we are dealing with people with a reasonable
level of technical ability here) was just someones attempt to make the
suggestion sound far to complicated for the user, when of course it is
not. My suggestion that it could be documented in the manual, in all
of about 1 lines explanation, was the answer to that if people really
didn't understand. Of course those people would be the ones who get
out the manual for their PC just to find the power button every time
they need to turn it on, and probably doesn't cover most of Kicad's
user base anyway.