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Re: New developer, SVN commits


mkajdas wrote:
I am trying to join this project and I have some newbie questions:

- I downloaded nightly binary kicad-20080428-r1006-linux.tar.bz2 which
does not work on my Fedora 7, library issues.
I also checked out latest SVN files and compiled, but it shows build
ver. (20080416-r982).
Why the difference? Do we still have two SVN sources?

- When compiling, I received some compiler warnings (uninitialized
variables, int/double conversions). I would like to clean them up
first to get some practice. Should I just start on it or use this
group first for communication. What is the process for delegating work.

- I read the todo.txt and I can start with some @todo but again how do
I arrange that to avoid duplication of work.

- How do I get write access to SVN and what is the commit process
(just commit and let others comment?)

I wanted to ask first before I screw up something.


First, it would be nice to know your name. MK, is that what you really prefer?

Welcome. Should we consider you an advanced, intermediate or beginner C++ programmer?

Igor will probably contact you about SVN write access.

See here about style:


There is the todo.txt file and there is also a "bug tracker" and "feature request tracker" at sourceforge. You can grind on either of those, preferably giving precedence to the bug tracker items.

Please rigorously always search this list before asking a question that has already been answered.

For example you might try searching for "tracker" to see if you can find it. (there's a link to it from the wiki.)

If your C++ style is wrong, then regardless of what the code patch is doing or improving, it is likely to bother some folks here.

If you submit a patch that breaks something and it is easily fixed, then do not panic. You have the opportunity to fix it or back out of it. We are nearing a release now so bug fixes are even more of a priority for the next few weeks, until we can snapshot the release candidate into a SVN branch.


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