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Re: New developer, SVN commits


kajdas wrote:
My name is Martin.
I am advanced C programmer and and a intermediate C++ mostly because I work on embedded systems (in Linux) and I do not use many C++ features because they add too much bloat. I use it mainly for GUI where I use FLTK toolkit. I write assembly when necessary :-o

I never worked on an open source project but I use many of them and compile them frequently. I used CVS and SourceSafe so I am used to the process. Installed uncrustify.

So what is the issue with build versions being so different between SVN and nightly.
I thought they should be the same.

Yes me too.

Maybe you are talking about the "reported" version in the code. That is not always accurate since it requires a manual edit, see include/build_version.h

Who has time to do manual edits of something like this on every commit? :-)

I have cleaned up polygon/math_for_graphics.cpp so there are no more warnings and I will be waiting for write access.

I do not think I can do too much fixing at first because of limited time and not understanding the source code fully but in couple of months I should be better.
I just need something easy at first to get started and to practice.

Maybe someone will suggest something for you, it sounds like that is what you are asking for.


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