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Re: New developer, SVN commits


kajdas wrote:
What is the -r### number of the build version?

Seems that the build number is a date and -r number and I am sure that build_version.h file can be somehow generated through a script of some sort (weekly, daily,...)


It is what comes back in this line:

Last Changed Rev: 1012

when one does:

$ svn info

at the base of the working copy. So yes, a script could do it, but only when it is executed. My text editor does it too, same idea.


---- Richard A Burton <richardaburton@...> wrote:
2008/4/29 Alain M. <alainm@...>:

Why not use the SVN version as "version number" in paralel?

I use a few softwares the do that and it *is* automatic and it is very

It's not actually that simple. There is no subversion keyword that
will insert the repository revision into a file, only the version of
the file (the last repository version at which the file was



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