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Re: New developer, SVN commits


kajdas wrote:
What is the -r### number of the build version?

Seems that the build number is a date and -r number and I am sure that build_version.h file can be somehow generated through a script of some sort (weekly, daily,...)



Expanding on your idea, here is a workable solution:

Delete include/build_version.h from the repository altogether.

Add a script that can auto-generate it (include/build_version.h) locally without internet access from the working copy as in my earlier posting, using svn info.

Put that script or logic into the CMake build file, so that it becomes the means of "making" the source file. The script or program needs to be smart enough to auto-generate it under only one of three conditions:

1) It does not exist.
2) Its date is older than today.
3) Its SVN version number is less than current.

Otherwise if it gets generated more than that, you'd have unwanted re-compiles.

If we cannot find a platform neutral script language capable of being this sophisticated (making the 3 tests above), then I would suggest a C program, one that can be added to the (developer's) project with a CMake target of its own.



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