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DialogBlocks discussion once again.


Hello Dev's

Because I personally do not like the fact that DialogBlocks is somehow
commercial piece of software and is connected with KiCad. I know that
opinions on the list are divided, but...

I tried use another form creation tool called wxFormBuilder. It is
IMHO much nicer than DialogBlocks, but has one annoying disadvantage:
cannot add code for automatic dialogue window resize (I am looking how
to properly handle this manually).

Additionally is has different approach to the code generation.
DialogBlocks do this in more Microsoft way - adds markers in code in
between code is modified on re-generation. In wxFormBuilder generated
classes (on file per project) are solid. Additional user functionality
has to be inherited from base class coming from wxFormBuilder (I
personally like this clean approach). This can be controversial.

The new windows looks like this: http://manveru.pl/en/node/5 (very
similar to old one)

The problem with the KiCad code responsible for print dialogue is that
there is real mess. The one class is implemented in two files, where
the one of it (share/wxprint.cpp) implements other class. I cleaned it
up a little when I was trying wxFormBuilder code, but still plenty
things has to be cleaned up. I do not understand why classes are
called WinEDA_something, when they could use namespaces (I know, large
number of programmers do not like namespaces). I do not want to
criticise anyone's work, but today there is lot of space for

I can slowly clean it up (all dialogue windows moved to
wxFormBuilder), add Doxygen comments, but I do not know how to handle
this according to SVN structure (I need to create a lot of new files
and remove a lot of poorly named files).

I want to know others opinions. So please join the discussion.


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