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Re: Patch for specctra session import bug


> Hi Dick,
> Yes, I reverted before making the second change. The reason place does
> not fall over is because it is dealing with reference designators and
> not module names.
> A snippet from the session file is below:
> (session 5560.ses
> (base_design 5560.dsn)
> (placement
> (resolution mil 100)
> (component 0805
> (place C49 521250 -216830 front 0)
> Incidentally, component is the only place where the 0805 module name
> is mentioned in the session file.
> Again, thanks for the pointer to the specctra pdf. I will grab it so
> that I have it at hand in the future.
> Best Regards,
> Brian Sidebotham.

There is one more place where it would fall over in the same way, and
that is at doIMAGE.

(image <image_id>

<image_id> here would also be 0805, and the test relies on isSymbol to
determine a valid token. So again, the test should be the same as for
the component token.

if( !isSymbol( tok ) && tok != T_NUMBER )

Best Regards,

Brian Sidebotham.