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Re: Website death?



Hello there developers,
I dont know who maintains the main site but its death...

I have a suggestion that we install Trac instead of wikipedia, like
pidgin IM has.

There is too much work to transfer the wiki content to the trac.
The main question is a "What the benefits we will get with trac which we don't have with SF services?"

http://trac.edgewall.org <http://trac.edgewall.org>

If people agree i will help with the site.

I do not agree.
You don't understand the volume of required work for this.


Website temporarily offline because the SF company make a system upgrade and many changes in hosting structure.

I need a time to restore the site functionality (maybe some weeks).

If you really want to help, then better translate or beautify KiCad documentation at wikibooks.org.

Igor Plyatov

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