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Re: Website death?


Igor Plyatov wrote:
Website temporarily offline because the SF company make a system upgrade and many changes in hosting structure.

I need a time to restore the site functionality (maybe some weeks).

??? I deal with many other SF projects - they are not having any problems? The wiki being down for weeks is REALLY a bad thing. Is there a way for us to download a backup of the db so we can put it up locally in the mean time?

I've been putting off asking questions on this list for some days now that I think I can find on the wiki. Is there some way someone else could do the configurations for Mr. Plyatov? Having the main link to kicad down for weeks is really destructive to the main project. I mean - a kicad search in google returns as the first page http://kicad.sourceforge.net which returns a 403? I can imagine people thinking the project is abandoned....

As for the wiki engine - it is called mediawiki (not wikipedia - which also uses mediawiki as its engine). mediawiki is the most standard and by far the most likely to get people contributing. I've not seen any wikis that moved to an 'improved' engine end up being a better resource in the end. If you find the dialect tiring, you can always write in your favorite dialect (or html) and translate using libhtml-wikiconverter-perl.

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