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I'm digging through the source of 20080825c - it looks like the number of fields is determined by :


Any possibility of making this a user definable value? I'm bumping into the limit of 8 user fields.


The way I've used this on other systems is as follows:

* Value (not to be confused with the Value/Chip Name) This field can be used with resistors, capacitors etc and have the resistance value.

* Description - a brief string that describes the part ie 256K Eprom, 1/4 watt resistor.

* manu1 - First manufacturer

* manu1# - First manufacturer's part number

* manu2 - Second manufacturer

* manu2# - Second manufacturer's part number

* Vendor1 - Who distributes manu1's part

* Vendor2 - Who distributes manu2's part

* Pricing - I put info like $.002 in 10,000s

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