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Re: Python status


yajeed2000 wrote:
What is the status of the python binding etc and what is planned, if
I am just interested in how python could be used with Kicad.



We have postponed it pending some internal data model changes which we are hopeful to accomplish within the next year:

1) Adding net classes.

2) *.brd file format changes, to facillitate the above along with coordinate resolution enhancements. Search this list for previous discussions. The idea of the python is that it means scripts can access the RAM resident data model directly and therefore in theory any efforts invested in conversion programs, import/export, BOM generators, etc. be more immune from file format changes. But for this to be reality, the data model has to reach a point of stability, and I don't think we are anywhere near that. There could be wholesale change in the *.brd file format if we orient ourselves more towards the specctra dsn format as has been contemplated on this list within the last six months. Once this is done, then I think adding python makes sense. Until then it would literally just get in the way of house cleaning.

Sorry I cannot say when. Volunteer time is scarce. With funding things would go faster.

I have no thoughts on eeschema and python, that would not be a personal priority.