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GUI stuff (user guidance)


Hi all,

Working on the translation I am a little bit confused about the 
description of a tooltip.
If I move at the KiCad gui to the following menu item "Projects" -> 
"Save Project Files" I get displayed as tooltip "Save and Zip all 
project files".
This suggests that if someone has changed something in the schematic 
or board design that by selecting this menu item the entire work will 
be saved with all changes that has been done and afterwards a zip 
archiv gets created.
This is not the case as I have observed it, means the archiv contains 
only all project related files the user has already saved, no "save 
process" gets initiated for the project files befor the archiv is 
(Is there some kind of interprocess comunication between the project 
manager (kicad process) and all the other processes like pcbnew 
eeschema to send them notifications/events?)
So, from my point of view the tooltip should read "Zip all saved 
project files".
But it is also possible that the feature of first saving everthing 
and then zip'ing it is on someones wishlist and work on this in 

If the user saves the project file or initiates the creation of the 
zip file and has selected an already existing file it will be 
overwriten without asking the user if she/he is sure in doing this.
Ofcourse this can be a little bit annoying for someone who means to 
know what he is doing but if I wants to save different versions of my 
work as archives, lets say PicProgrammer_v1.zip, PicProgrammer_v2.zip 
and so on I would normally select one of the existing archives and 
change the name (the version no.).
If the user is a little bit hectic and double clicks an already 
existing file it gets overwritten with the new content and the old 
version is lost. :-|

My proposal is ...
- introduce a "Save" menu item to overwrite an existing file without 
user interaction like asking for a file name
- introduce a "Save as" menu item to ask the user for a new file name 
and check in this case if the file already exists

It's only an idea but there are maybe thousand of reasons to keep it 
as it is :)