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Re: Using wxpack for compiling Kicad


yajeed2000 wrote:
Has anyone used the following development environment for compiling Kicad?


If not, would anyone like to consider testing it as it seems to
contain all the elements required (apart from boost).
I'm speaking as a newbie who just wants to find an easier way of
compiling Kicad. I tried following the instructions provided in
earlier post, but could not make it work for some reason.
What do you think?


No thanks, CMAKE works fine for me.

You would find it easier to build Kicad on Linux than on Windows because of the package management systems available there. It basically skips the steps of installing boost, msys, and wxwidgets, that torment a Windows would be builder of Kicad.

But then, it would be a mistake to think that everyone with the step by step guide should be able to build Kicad on Windows. I would not try brain surgery, even with a step by step guide. But said step by step guide might be useful to a brain surgeon.

You are welcome to try the tool that interests you and let us know what you think.


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