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pcbnew - no grid zone - thermal connections



I must say that the new zone system is very good.

There is something that bothers me. Thermal pattern for smd
pads, usualy for SO packages is a bit ugly. I would like to
improve thermal patterns handling and I am going to made a

Drawing zones:
- Compute m_FilledPolygon with all Pads excluded except for
PAD_IN_ZONE, which is of course included.
- Compute and remove Isolated and unconected islands which are smaller
than area specified in the dialog_zone_settings via new variable.
- Do something similiar as in GenrePadConection()
- Final RemoveIsolatedAndUnconnected islands.

I would like to know two things:
1. How to compute area in kbool polygons
2. How to determin if the point is inside or outside of the polygon

First one is not mandatory but will improve zone look.

Second information I need for computing which thermal connection is
actually connected to the zone.

I hope I will improve zone drawing (from good to a bit better).


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