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Re: Building kicad from SVN under Ubuntu 8.10


2008/12/12 Richard A Burton <richardaburton@...>:
> 2008/12/12 Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@...>:
>> Hi guys,
>> I made some notes about compiling Kicad from SVN under Ubuntu Intrepid
>> 8.10, after getting a small HP2133 laptop and installing Ubuntu on it
>> :)
>> I also noted that there are no instructions on the Wiki for building
>> Kicad under any Linux platform.
>> Half the battle is getting the dependencies for the kicad build, the
>> following is a list of what I did to compile Kicad from SVN:
> Or, somewhat simpler:
> Checkout kicad, kicad-doc & kicad-library into a directory.
> Checkout the debian package source from here:
> http://svn.flexserv.de/kicad/trunk/debian to the same directory.
> Ideally modify the debian/changelog to give you a custom version number.

Ah good point, I forgot about adding the- -doc and -library checkouts.

Why is there a specific debian source package? Is this an official
part of Kicad, and why is it needed?

This is of course why it would be nice for the Wiki to include
information about building under different linux distro's.

Best Regards,

Brian Sidebotham

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