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Re: Re: New coding guidelines.


wafeliron wrote:
For example its hard to
find the hardcoded paths in the source and this is a real LACK if i
install on linux and dont want to but it in the root directory. I
would like to work on it but its not well commented and structured
into files about reading the .KiCad .pcbnew files ...

I agree that the linux install could be improved. I would like the installed data tree to be separate from the code tree, optionally.

I would like to be able to put the code in /opt/kicad or /home/dick/kicad and cannot do that now. And I would like to put the data tree in /home/dick/kicaddata for example.

CMake would need to spit out some C++ code containing the selected paths and then that would be used instead of the hard coded paths in gestfiche.cpp

There may be ways, but this seems workable to me.


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