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Re: antialiased graphics


Vesa Solonen wrote:
> ma, 2008-12-29 kello 15:39 +0200, Vesa Solonen kirjoitti:
>> I experimented with wxpython demo package to get a grip how stuff is
>> done. Attached is two line patch and results with wxGCDC wrapper. It
>> seems there is quite a work to do for proper future proof graphics
>> update. Currently there is no caching so it takes a long time to draw
>> all primitives and for high quality, drawing needs to be ported to
>> some path based api.
> Some refinements follow. Jean-Pierre pushed wxGCDC twoliner to tree, so
> there it hangs. Anyway, it seems impossible to make fractional pixel
> lines by wxDC, so that's not too useful for future use IMO. Aren't you
> Wayne working on new zoom support? If so, could you possibly consider
> options that wxGC would give? The would be all necessary transforms
> already implemented and would save from forcing raster api to do
> vectors. My guess the whole would simpify somewhat too as there is free
> pdf-export and printing and all done with same functions.

I started working on the new zoom support and have already committed
some initial clean up of the existing zoom code. I have run into some
trouble with the hot key implementation causing me some grief. I am
trying to figure out a sane way to implement the new zoom support
without breaking the existing hot key implementation and I am having
difficulty seeing the forest through the trees. I would rather not have
to completely redo the hot key code although I fear that it may be the
best way to proceed. I don't want to do sloppy job just get the new
zoom capability in place. I would rather design something that is
maintainable over the long run.

I am not familiar with wxGC but I will take a look at the documentation.
Anything that would make implementing the new zoom capability easier is
definitely a plus. If wxGC supports zooming, then that is one less
thing the Kicad developers need to maintain. I have seen a quite a bit
of code in Kicad that seems to implement functionality already provided
by some wxWidgets class. I'm not sure why wxWidgets wasn't used in
these cases. Even if wxWidgets didn't do exactly what was required,
deriving from a wxWidgets class instead of creating a completely new
class seems like a cleaner solution.


> -Vesa
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