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Re: Re: New coding guidelines.


2009/1/5 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:

> We may have to start getting more specific for this to be a fruitful
> discussion. We will have to track down the code that is using these
> hard coded paths. And see what facilities are using them, and if they
> need to be hard coded.
> I don't have a problem with a single global config file with a hard
> coded name being put into a location that can be known ahead of time.
> And from that config file other data files should be findable.
> Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Hard coded file is a nice and clean solution under Linux (f.e.
/etc/kicad.conf or /etc/kicad/default.conf or even others). As idea if
.ini files were dropped under Windows some time ago, KiCad could be
enabled to hold such data in system registry (this would be configured
by Installer). This solutions may enable single installation to be
configured individually for different users as it is done in plenty
commercial software packages.


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