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Re: Re: New coding guidelines.


2009/1/6 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> I second the no registry motion. I always use config files on Windows.
> wxWidgets supports config files on Windows. You just have to either
> use wxFileConfig directly or the correct constructor parameters when
> using wxConfig. Any config file implementation should use
> wxStandardPaths for portability. See the wxPython wxStandardPaths demo
> for a nice example of how it works. wxPathList looks like it might be a
> clean way to handle searching for files in multiple paths although I
> have never used it. You can even add paths to wxPathList using an
> environment variable with the AddEnvList() method. A logical place to
> implement this would seem to be the WinEDA_App class. I'll take a look
> at it as time permits.

wxStandardPaths seems to be nice "no-registry" solution to keep user
global and user specific configuration files in places designed for
it. I do no like Windows pathname schema, but it better than a mess
from times of putting every .ini file into C:\Windows...